Historical and Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

Historical and Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

Speaking of jewelry, women did have each taste. Some like jewelry rings, some like the necklace, some like earrings or bracelets too. However, ring is probably the most favored jewelry woman, because the ring makes a woman feel more valuable, and also is evidence of commitment in a relationship bond.

celebrity engagement rings meanings

When engaged, the man would propose to his girlfriend with this ring. As a proof of love, he will try to find the most beautiful or perhaps historical ring for his girlfriend. Celebrities for example, they were given the most beautiful engagement ring by her boyfriend. Reportedly, this beautiful ring is worth with the price to be paid by her boyfriend. Some celebrity engagement is considered as very grand. No wonder if some of them set it up with a fantastic way, one of them in the form of a stunning engagement ring.

So far there is several celebrity engagement rings made public amazed. More celebrities choose the color pink, black, yellow, brown, gray and blue as jewelry even their engagement rings gems. Celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum, Katy Perry and even character Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City” wore colored diamond engagement rings.  The beautiful golden voice, Mariah Carey is rewarded by Nick Cannon with the ring worth 25 billion.

celebrity engagement rings with diamond

There is a pink diamond surrounded by 58 smaller pink diamonds. This Mariah Carey’s ring looks luxurious and very stunning. Make them who saw it jealous.  Some celebrity engagement rings has a simple design, however, there is a square-shaped diamonds there are quite stunning your heart and those who see it. Beyonce has that ring, which are given by Jay-Z with a beautiful song. It is such a romantic proposal.

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Other expensive celebrity engagement rings are worth 22 million dollars. This ring given by Kris Humphries, who is so in love and crazy about Kim, He gave his wife a happy day 72 with a 20.5 carats diamond the ring. Hillary Duff has fond memories with 14 carats engagement rings wrapped in luxury and dazzling diamond. This singer, who often plays a movie with her sister, proposed with fancy ring worth 10 million dollars. It is a reasonable price to express love to a beautiful woman. When engaged to David Beckham, Victoria Beckham get engagement rings made from 3-carat marquise diamond. This large ring does look heavy, but this ring to be one of the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings in the history of Hollywood.

Not just because the price is very expensive, but some of celebrity engagement ring also has a remarkable history. No one is more surprised than Kate Middleton when Prince William gives an oval sapphire engagement ring belonging to the late Princess Diana when they were engaged. Because the ring is apparently inherited by Prince Harry after their beloved mother died. The rings are edged sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds on top of 18K white gold. Value reached US $ 40,000 when Prince Charles bought it in 1981. At present, the ring is priceless because of its connection with the Princess Diana.