Known Your Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Precisely

Known Your Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Precisely

Usually the diamond in the emerald cut engagement rings with facets forms (oblique cut at any angle), you can see with 10x magnifying glass and find out which are genuine and which are not. Genuine diamond in the emerald cut engagement rings will have a perfect angle line, not borderline angle as heated glass. There are many green colored gem stones, but the emerald green one who is considered the most dazzling. As minerals, emerald is included to the type of beryl. The actual type of beryl there are also blue, yellow and red, but only green was cool and shady was the one who made it can perform parallel with other gem stones. Uniquely, the majority of mineral emerald born with a natural characteristic in the form of cracks or fibers, so that the free market the almost perfect form and large emerald cut engagement ring can be valued above US $ 10,000.00 per carat. As jewelry, emerald cuts engagement ring looks the most elegant and ideal when honed with facet models in the form of a rectangular cut or emerald cut, so it was very loved by men who would feel proud if can wear it as engagement ring with diamond embedded on the edges.

Thing, which makes emerald cut engagement rings so special is its elongated shape which is capable of emitting the clarity of the diamond. Not surprisingly, the form of dramatic and glamorous diamond is a favorite of the Queen Jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor. Typically, women who wear this emerald cut engagement ring are the figure that confident, classy, and charismatic.

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People who use this stone will get a cool atmosphere, safe and comfortable, maintaining physical fitness and spiritual. Emerald cut engagement ring is believed to have influences, among others, as stones bring luck or fortune, improve skills in communication and diplomatic terms, and alerts the owner if there is a bad thing that will happen (the color will change to pale). Practitioners in the field of health, agro-living environment is very suitable to wear this emerald cut engagement ring. A couple who wears this emerald cut engagement ring is a person who has an elegant socialite, or urban type, the type of woman who greatly admired and adored. By wearing this ring, then the wedding will be much visited, was so much commotion and full of fun, will be a conversation among you.

To the owner of a box shaped hand with short fingers rings with round and rectangular gemstone, like emerald cut engagement rings, should be avoided because it can make your fingers look shorter. Also avoid thick sized ring that also could make your fingers look wider. If you have small hands with fingers that are very slim, then do not wear any rings with large gemstone because it will make your fingers look too skinny. And also rings with heart-shaped gemstone and round also did not match the shape of this hand. To make your hands look more proportional, choose the rings with emerald shaped gemstone with horizontal setting. Not only that, the emerald cut engagement ring also can make your fingers look wider.

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