Mood Ring Color Meaning: Black, Tips To Do If This Color Occurs

Mood Ring Color Meaning: Black, Tips To Do If This Color Occurs

This article will tell you the mood ring color meaning when the mood ring is black and what you should do when it occurs. If your mood ring color is turning black, it means that you are getting stressed, tense or have a deeply hatred inside of you that you have experienced at the moment. Black is a common mood ring color in the coldest temperatures the mood ring can indicates, which it means that your hand and finger are getting cold. This mood ring color meaning tells that the wearer is deeply depressed or extremely stressed.

When the wearer is emotionally getting stressed in this mood ring color meaning, they feel a powerful energy or reaction. Their brain is giving the signals to the other body organs that some chemicals is released into the stress hormones to temporarily increase physical speed and strength. Their mind begins to determining whether fighting or running will be increased due to this situation. But also when the mood ring color meanings tell that the body is extremely cold, the body is going into a guarded situation. It is more like a self-preservation mode. The body logically is speculating organs in the chest to be more important to defend than the other body parts. Therefore the body sends most of the blood in the body into the internal organs in the chest. That is why the fingers are getting cold, because the blood pressure in it is low. The body makes the blood vessels even narrower in the hands and feet, especially the micro-capillaries which are near the surface of the body skin. Due to the absence of blood circulation, the temperature in the hands and feet is becoming cold. Because of this situation, the mood ring is cooling down and turning to black. This mood ring color meaning also has the bad effect of the increasing blood pressure for those who has the problem with heart conditions.

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Making huge decisions to this mood ring color meaning could be dangerous. Any decision that base on your fear will usually go to be wrong. When your mood ring color is turning to black, it is essential to force yourself to have a higher logical mind as much as possible. For this mood ring color meaning, high emotional mind can be disastrous.

Above of all the mood ring color meaning, the black color is one and the only colors the people necessary to attempt a willfully change. To make a change to your mood ring color meaning, you must make yourself remain calm and take some necessary steps to getting relax. There is something you can do to get the emotions under control and will turn the mood ring color meaning to a normal one or even better.  Try to find a comfortable and safe place to sit down. Then get focus on taking deep breaths, close your eyes, in your mind begin to count down from 100 to 1, keep deep breathing, it is very important for maintaining the blood pressure in your chest, then focus only on your deep breathing and the countdown numbers . If suddenly you are counting up, that means that your mind is drifted off or bothered by something and you are not getting focus on the numbers and the deep breaths. Takes less than 5 minutes to complete the exercise and surely it is very worth it. Finally, you will be feeling fine and better and the mood ring color meaning will change, because before you know it, the mood ring color is turning to be a normal green or blue.

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