Mood Ring Meaning Sometimes Doesn’t According To Your Own Mood

Mood Ring Meaning Sometimes Doesn’t According To Your Own Mood

As we know that many mood ring meanings has plenty of advantages to be used in our life. Mood rings are often worn by some people this day, because they have the nature of changing the color of the ring according to the wearer’s mood.  If you do not want to reveal your mind to your friends or the others, then try to wear the mood ring. We, as the humans, have the ability to show a variety of moods in a day and night and the changes of the mood have many influences various physiological changes also. If you are getting angry or in love instead, your body temperature and blood pressure will increase. If you are being happy, then the body temperature will remain low. The mood ring meanings will change due the change of its color according to the body temperature. Many colors signify how hot the body temperature is and what the wearer’s feel is like at any particular moment. Try to discuss the common mood ring meanings with your friends or family, than you could know how to work with this jewelry.

Black is the common color that the mood rings usually show when the body temperature is low. The body is cold when we are getting stressed by emotion, such as sadness, depression or anxiety. However, it cannot be applied when you live in the place that has cold temperatures. Therefore you are being perfectly all right, because the atmosphere is affecting the mood ring meaning. Red is another common color which occurs when the wearer is being in the enthusiastic emotions. The enthusiastic emotions are very strong. The persons, who are in a sexual state or during adventurous situations, will have these emotions. When that person is going through these enthusiastic situations, their heart will start to beat faster. Therefore, the blood pressure in every body parts is also increasing and makes the body temperature getting higher. The mood ring meaning in red color indicating the extreme emotions or even an agitated mind, either it is positive or even negative. Beside of red and black color, green is a commonly occur as the neutral color. In all of the mood ring meaning, the green color is indicating as a neutral mind. This state of mind means that you are being calm and have no recent high or low pressure activity that rise the body temperature. You are not bothered by anything around you, or simply being comfortable by the surrounding.

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The normal temperature of the body is 37C or 98.6F. If this body temperature is rising up or down, the mood ring color will change. But it can be not consistent by some factors. For example mood ring meanings, a sick person who is having a high blood pressure will have a higher body temperature; therefore it has no effect on the mood. On the other side, women, who are in her menstrual situation, will have higher body temperature than the normal one.

For conclusion, mood ring meanings can work in any person’s hand. But there are also particular exceptions that can affect the color of the mood ring. A hint for you, who want to give a mood ring to your beloved as an engagement or wedding ring, is to cover the mood ring with gold or embedded with diamond, that are available in any jewelry stores.