Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box: The Precious and Memorable Treasure

Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box: The Precious and Memorable Treasure

As we were girls, we all loved much our girl’s musical jewelry box. When you opened it, usually a little ballerina is dancing to a song and then your imagination are flying high. Many dreams were created while listening to your girl’s musical jewelry box songs while you watched the dancing ballerina. There was something special about it that still stayed with us until we grow up.

Nowadays, women may get that feeling again with the Belinda Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box. Created from a natural cherry finish, this girl’s musical jewelry box plays the “Magic Flute” song. While the ballerina are overgrowing, you will still love the tinkering sound of the playing song as we open the girl’s musical jewelry box. Much more intricate than any other jewelry box you had as a young girl, this girl’s musical jewelry box has swing-out doors on both its sides with four hooks and necklace catches in each of it. The small mirror under the lid enhance its beauty and charm. On top of the girl’s musical jewelry box, there is an open part with rings rolls. 3 draws open with gold color pulls, and also include the key lock with tassel.

The doors, draws and inside the entire girl’s musical jewelry box are hand lined with black suede fabric. The girl’s musical jewelry box is weight one pound, stands in 8 inches deep, 12 inches high and 11 inches wide. It suits well on any kind of dresser, end tables or night stand and surely keeps the jewelry safe and secure. The Cherry finish enhances the warmth to any space of it and also give a touch of high class.

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The Belinda Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box is a timeless treasure and an eternal gift. This is an item that can be passed down to the next generations as it contains precious memories and possessions. Amazingly crafted, it should last for lots of lifetimes. Music in the box contains the key to lots of memories. You will hear a song that you heard a very long time ago and it will bring you back the similar feelings you had back then. By hearing the music, the mind will recollect the visions, emotions and scents. We actually live our lives with music even without knowing it. Just like a movie soundtrack, we have also our own music that represent the true feelings inside us.

The music from a girl’s musical jewelry box give the same special thing and moreover it is the tin can sound that comes out from the mechanism system that makes it very authentically real as well. There is nothing more fun than getting dressed, spray some perfume, then opening your girl’s musical jewelry box as the final touches of your daily activities. It is the original back sound and music for your night that sets the mood higher. Perhaps you will be having a wonderful night. Many years from now, when you hear that tin can sound coming out from that girl’s musical jewelry box, you can smell your special perfume from that night and the memories you had when you getting dressed for that night activities. The girl’s musical jewelry box is something so much simple to hold your jewelry and doing all that special things. The Belinda Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box will keep all of your precious memories alive and safe as well as all your precious jewelry.

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