5 Most Popular Tattoo Wedding Ring Design

5 Most Popular Tattoo Wedding Ring Design

Apparently there are some groups of couples who do not order expensive or diamond-coated ring for their wedding, but they also look for tattoo wedding ring designs that comes with a particularly symbol which is suit their vision of marriage or love.

  1. Winged Heart Tattoo Wedding Ring Design

One of the most popular tattoo wedding ring design is winged heart tattoo. A tattoo artist prefer to make his own tattoo wedding ring design for his own and his wife’s finger with symbols of love and wings instead of buying a diamond ring at exorbitant prices. According to these tattoo artist, the wing is a symbol of love which indicates that it can bring happiness towards the outside of the Earth.

  1. Crowned Heart Tattoo Wedding Ring Design

This tattoo wedding ring design has a bit complicated design but appears to be simple though. This ring shows a shape of heart and seemed to wear the crown. In addition, there appears to be two hands that are bringing this crowned heart. The tattoo wedding ring design is unique and not usual. Although looks normal, this romantic tattoo wedding ring design a have very good detail. The size of the crown and the hands with fingers is very well created. Even though it has no color, this tattoo wedding ring design still looks elegant.

  1. Name Initials Tattoo Wedding Ring Design

In any wedding invitations, initials of the couple’s names is usually written down. It turns out that the initials were not only applies to the wedding invitations, but also in the wedding ring which is made by the tattoo wedding ring design. There are initials of the couple in their ring finger. This tattoo wedding ring design has two forms of tattoos. The first is the shape of a circular ring on the ring finger. While the second is the initials of the couple inscribed in the middle of the ring finger and on top of a tattoo wedding ring design. If you have this, diamond wedding rings seem to be nothing.

  1. Heart and Key Tattoo Wedding Ring Design
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Usually, most of wedding rings have the same design and shape, but that would not always be that way. It could be a wedding ring made with different designs, such as tattoo wedding ring designs. There are many symbols and images that can be included. Recently, many wedding couple choose tattoo wedding ring design with a shape and form of the heart and key. Perhaps there is a story behind the choice of this ring. Perhaps the man had to fight very hard to open her heart, but then finally they are united. Unique idea is that this ring is made with a simple design with only a black ink and no other color.

  1. Infinite Symbol Tattoo Wedding Ring Design

You already know about this infinite symbol. If not, try to read again your high school mathematics textbooks. This symbol are appear in the limit lesson. This is not a tilted number of eight, this is actually a symbol of infinite or unlimited. The couple, who make this tattoo wedding ring design, would want a wedding to be the beginning of the journey to continue the love adventures to the infinity. Infinite love, infinite attention and everything is represented in this unique tattoo wedding ring design.