3 Stones For Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings

3 Stones For Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings

Diamond alternative engagement rings may save your budget and still give you an amazing engagement ring. You can consider some fake diamonds that feel and look like the real ones. If you pick this type of diamond out as diamond alternative engagement rings, you will need a professional and expert jeweler to tell the difference between the fake and the real one.


One truly nice precious stone to be the diamond alternative engagement ring is called Moissanite. This light reflection of this precious stone is even better than the diamond. The moissanite is also proved to be even much more durable than the diamond. And the best part is, the moissanite engagement rings are really much less expensive than the diamond engagement rings and they even look so much like the most desired diamond stone which many experts cannot simply find the different between the two of them. You do have to keep in mind to check carefully the color of the moissanite, if possible, try under some different lighting. This is due to the mineral makeup differences between moissanite and diamonds. The latter the stone may have green or gray colors, particularly in the dimmed lights. Moissanite is actually not an imitation from diamonds. It does indeed look like diamonds, but in fact they are two different stones which have each beautiful on its own way.

Cubic Zirconia

One of the precious stones that are used often for diamond alternative engagement rings is the cubic zirconia. This precious stone is actually one of the most beautiful imitation stone of diamonds that you will have ever seen. The lesser price of this diamond alternative engagement ring will allow you to obtain a bigger stone or even more little stones that you would usually be able to buy when buying diamonds.

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Well, when she does not really prefer any kind of gemstones, consider a pearl as the diamond alternative engagement rings. Pearls have been associated long time with weddings and love. A pearl in a unique setting is worth to be considered. The most important thing to keep in mind is the special means of the event. The engagement ring is meant to be a sign of something graceful and everlasting like the love you will share together with her.

Platinum that used in the diamond alternative engagement rings is also a real practical option. It is highly durable and will not get any scratch. When you have moissanite in the engagement ring, you may wear the combination of platinum and moissanite as the diamond alternative engagement rings. The platinum in the engagement ring would not tarnish and if you have allergic skin, this metal actually does not cause any allergic reaction. Everyone is able to wear this kind of diamond alternative engagement ring.

When you are looking for diamond alternative engagement rings, moissanite is really the best choice rather than the cubic zirconia. This is due to the more brilliant shine on the moissanite stone as the diamond alternative engagement rings. It is actually even more reflective than the diamonds. Therefore it will appear to have a lot more sparkle and bling than the real diamond stones.