Explaining Your Emotion With Mood Ring Color Meaning Chart

Explaining Your Emotion With Mood Ring Color Meaning Chart

Mood ring has a clear capsule filled with thermo chromic liquid crystal. Mood jewelry color will change as the same way as a liquid crystal thermometer. Temperature changes make the liquid crystal to change the colors. The liquid crystal that used in mood ring is set in a neutral color for the average temperature of the skin, usually green, and then the temperature changes is made by the emotional state of the wearer. A connection between the body temperature, emotion and the mood ring color can be noticed. If you want to know what your mood ring says about your emotion, this mood ring color meaning chart will help you to decode it.

Green color is the average color in this mood ring color meaning chart. It says that the wearer in a normal or neutral state. The wearer has no great stress. They will easily amuse but also jealously. In fact, the wearer is in a good tense and feels comfy with their surroundings. It could turn to light green when the emotions are mixed. It could be distressed, gloom, fear, or even romance, hopeful, or excitable. Or the green color can turn to blue green color, which is the sign of the peace. The wearer is relaxed but also in an alert mode. They are also flirtatious and stimulated in this state. Then it will turn to blue color if the wearer is happy, pleasant, and joyful. They are lovable and have high optimism in this state. The wearer is having fun. It is good to work in socialization or even romance.

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In this mood ring color meaning chart, purple color is the highest color, which means the body temperature is high. This means that the wearer is in a sense of high and genuine clarity. They are truly very happy and deeply relaxed. They also have high passionate to make a very romantic action. Obviously, this color often occurs when the wearer is falling in love.

When the mood ring color turns black, it says that you are stressed and tense. This color is the sign of person who have too much work or overworked. This color is occurred when the person is hurt then angry. White color in your mood ring says that you are much stressed, bored, confused, strained, shocked, frustrated, and has something unsettled. This color shows also that you are not very unenthusiastic person. The gray color says that you are in a lower level of stress and feel so anxious and also nervous. This color occurs when you begin to feel stressed and uncomfortable, and also this is the beginning color when the mood ring wearer is getting tense.

The other color is red, which is describing that the wearer is allured, active, and so excited to do something adventurous. But it could also means that the person is stressed and angered. It caused by the same body temperature of the person who is harassed and thrilled. Yellow and brown color has almost the same meaning. It occurs when the wearer is having many thought, it is rather random thinking. It has also a disambiguation meaning, either the wearer is imaginative, or even troubled and fear. Mood ring color meaning can be various. But each mood ring will always come with a mood ring color meaning chart.

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