Biggest and Rare Diamond on Earth from Africa.

Biggest and Rare Diamond on Earth from Africa.

Usually large rough stone will cut (at the initiative of the owner) into several smaller parts, and then rubbed into diamond, so it is easy to sell it later. Because the price of the parts of diamonds that has become a diamond, more affordable or easily added to certain objects such as crowns and necklaces. Ever since a long time, diamond stones are categorized as the most expensive due to its rarity. Some diamonds are found in large sizes. There are a couple of the biggest diamond in the world which still exists in some places.

The Cullinan I is a pear-shaped diamond which weighs 530.20 carats and is also known as the Star of Africa. This biggest diamond on the earth has the size 53x4x29, and has 76 sides. Cullinan is the biggest of the nine previously cut diamonds weighing 3,106 carats shaped chunks. Previously, “Koh-I-Nor” is the name of a diamond ever found in India in the year 1304. Several centuries later, when the British army occupied the Punjab region precisely in 1839, this 186 carat diamond was robbed and presented to Queen Victoria.

Over the centuries, “Koh-I-Nor” is famous as the biggest diamond on the earth. However, it was changed as the discovery of “Star of Africa One” or known as the Cullinan I. A biggest diamond in the world found in the Cullinan diamond mine in Pretoria, South Africa on January 26, 1905. Cullinan mine, located in the northeast of Pretoria, is known as the producer of hundreds of precious stones mine especially blue diamonds.

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Another blue diamond was found in Cullinan sold at auction for US $ 10.8 million in 2012 and broke the world record for the value per carat. The value of the diamond Cullinan I was 3,106 carat. The diamond is then cut by Joseph Ascher of the Netherlands. It took 6 months to examine it, before deciding how to cut the rough stone, which then makes it 9 pieces of diamonds. Remarkably, every piece of diamond is still highly valued in the millions of dollars.

“Star of Africa One” is one of the biggest pieces of the diamond with 74 slices and 530 carat value. Cullinan II (aka Lesser Star of Africa) is the second part to the largest gem cut from the Cullinan, has a 317.4 carat (63.5 g), and also the 4th largest diamond in the world. Both of these precious stones are now in the British Crown Jewels. Pear shape diamonds for 530 carats becomes a gift to King Edward VII and became a collection of the British crown jewels. “Star of Africa One” was given to the King of England, King Edward VII, and now preserved in the Tower of London. While the “Koh-i-Nor” became one of the trimmer crowned Queen of England.

The estimated price of diamonds could reach 400 million pounds. This diamond is very famous for its beautiful color and exceptional purity. Cullinan named after the name of the Sir Thomas Cullinan, the person who opened the Premiere Mine in South Africa where this biggest diamond on earth was discovered. It is interesting to note that the Cullinan diamond has a very smooth side and flat on one surface as they are found, this make the experts sure that Cullinan diamond is just one fault of the other larger diamond, but separated by natural conditions.

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