Elegant Look With Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Elegant Look With Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Before the marriage, engagement was also an important moment and happy for most couples. Generally the bride and groom do not hesitate to spend a huge cost to realize their dream engagement. All equipment such as dresses, building, invitations, food and decor has been prepared since long ago. No exception to the engagement ring. The ring has become a symbol of togetherness and commitment of a couple. Like the other jewelry that follows global trends in society, engagement rings began issuing various forms and models.

Tastes of the couple can sometimes be different. Women tend to like the design of a large ring with diamond eyes that much. But the men prefer simple designs with a small diamond. There are models of unique diamond engagement rings with carvings. If usually the letters carved into the ring, this time the ring engraving made arise. Thus, when the user releases the ring, the carving will imprint in its fingers. However, this engraving will not be painless for users. One is a “Yes I do” model. Carving in this ring is divided into two. In the first ring engraved “Yes” and in the other ring engraved “I do”.

The significance of this ring depicts the trust and sincerity in a engagement. Besides it being a symbol of the promise of fidelity in marriage spoken. In addition, there is also a model “Always Forever”. In this ring engraved word “Always” and in the partner rings engraved “Forever”. This unique diamond engagement ring has a meaning to remind couples that have to love each other in a state and in any situation.

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The last is also available on “Forever Love” models. The significance of this wedding ring is the dream of all marriages is happy forever. In addition to these three variants, the buyer can determine their own writing they want. But of course, the choice of words is limited because of the size of the ring. Buyers also can engrave the name of each partner in this unique diamond engagement ring.

The engagement rings made of white gold combined with high quality diamonds, so that the diamond looks clear. To ensure the authenticity of used diamonds, the buyer will be given a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty. For the price of this unique diamond engagement ring can be held at a price ranging from 5.999.000 IDR.

If you get bored with the classic model of diamond engagement ring made of gold, silver, or even ethnic, try glancing variant unique ring, modern, stylish and made of silicone rubber. At first glance this ring is ring-like plastic toys, which are eye catching with bright colors. However, the actual ring is a diamond engagement ring. The unique diamond engagement ring is made of non-allergenic silicone rubber colorful bright as blue, green, white, and red. The characteristic of this Italian-made ring is the presence of a diamond in the middle. Diamonds, which are embedded in this ring, is a diamond of 0.2 carats. Each diamond coated and protected with a silver coating that is not easily separated. This ring is a manifestation of the traditional and unique diamond engagement ring modified with fresher style and youthful. Now, there are 19 classic color and six color transparent rings collection.

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