Simple Way to Take Care of a Silver Sterling Jewelry

Simple Way to Take Care of a Silver Sterling Jewelry

A silver sterling jewelry has been increasingly popular today due to higher gold prices lately. A lot of people are now choosing to wear silver sterling jewelry. The jewelry designers also prefer to create works of silver sterling jewelry because of the ease and design variations that can be created so as to produce a unique piece.

Even in some countries, silver sterling wedding rings become the first choice for many young couples. Silver is a soft metal in its original form, very soft to make as jewelries and other items, so it must be mixed with other metals to make it more durable. Sterling Silver is the silver content of silver containing 92.5% + 7.5% other metals. Deliberately made so because if the silver metal contains 100% pure silver it will be very soft, therefore it added another metal (usually copper) to make it balance and stronger. Just like gold which has a purity level that is 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, silver also has a gradient ranging from 999, 925, 850, 835, 825, and 800.

With the increasing number of silver sterling jewelry is sold in stores, it is important for the users to understanding how easy and practically taking care and cleaning their silver sterling jewelry. Keep in mind that each metal has its own characteristics so it has a different response to certain chemicals. For light treatment, which aims to eliminate finger stains, dust or cosmetic, we can use dishwasher detergent dissolved in warm water in a bowl.

Then dip your silver sterling jewelry, then rinsed again with clean water. Dry with a clean cloth. For maximum results, it is better to use a special cleaning cloth Sterling Silver jewelry which usually can be found in silver sterling jewelry specialist stores.

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When your silver sterling jewelry are looking a little dull or dirty and require more than just light treatment, many prefer to use a special silver cleaning fluid. But need to be careful that you only use a special cleaner intended for silver sterling jewelry. It is not a good idea to use harsh chemicals to clean silver cutlery.

To clean the silver sterling jewelry, which has gemstones, it should be given a special attention. Use silver jewelry cleaning fluid which is specifically for jewelry that is more difficult to clean. If you worry about the changing of the color and luster of your gemstone, it may be better to bring your jewelry to jewelry stores you trust.

To keep your silver sterling jewelry clean and not dirty when not in use, it is better to store in an airtight container. The first stain looks like a yellowish color in your silver sterling jewelry, but then can quickly turn into black if left. When you keep your silver sterling Jewelry in the open air, and even more in humid air, then your silver sterling jewelry can become dull more quickly.

Therefore, always keep your silver sterling jewelry when you wanted to go take a shower, sleep or exercise, so it would maintain its metallic sheen.