How to Choose a Romantic Beach Wedding Dress

How to Choose a Romantic Beach Wedding Dress

Nowadays, weddings that held by the beach become an increasingly popular trend. However, despite a wedding on the beach sounds very romantic and soothing, choose the appropriate beach wedding dress can be intimidating. When planning a wedding on the beach and still confused in selecting the dress, then choose one that suits your taste and character, in addition to comfort of course. Various elements such as weather, time of reception, and the atmosphere of the beach will greatly affect your beach wedding dress choices.

Short beach wedding dress is ideal for a walk along the beach. Remember, the weather by the beach can vary from the scorching heat to cool and windy. Therefore, it is better if you are wearing a party dress made of lightweight materials, such as chiffon. In addition to not make you hot, this dress also can be beautiful when waved in the breeze breezy beach.

Beach Wedding Dress Tips

Besides chiffon, dress tunic, cotton, maxi dress, or casual sundress could also be an option. You should avoid dresses made of duchess satin for this beach wedding dress. To make it more elegant and in accordance with the feel of the wedding, you can add bright accessories. You can also use living or imitation flowers to decorate the hair, belt, necklace, or bracelet. Try not to choose accessories that are heavy and do not use too long slayer considering the shore wind is quite strong.  Beach wedding dresses with lace backless V neck by showing the beauty of the shape hips makes you look like the queen of the kingdom. Elegant and sexy beach wedding dress certainly steals the attention of your invited guests.

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Second tips, wear bright colors. If you choose a long beach wedding dress, the back of the dress should not too long so you do not have to walking hardly on sand. Choose a beach wedding dress with bright colors that make you look shinier. Therefore, do not be afraid to wear a green melon beach wedding dress combined with navy blue accessories. Make a halter necklines, in order to seem more relaxed and casual look.

Beach Wedding Dress Fit The Jewelry

Large jewelry is too much for a beach wedding dress instead kills the bride’s appeal. Instead, choose a light and classic jewelry. Choose a simple pair of large earrings, or a set of mini-sized diamond jewelry. In addition, do not push yourself to wearing high heels. Remember, the texture of the sand beach would not be hard enough to support your stilettos, so better wear flat shoes or flip-flops with beads that according to the theme of the party.

Finally, prepare a jacket or cardigan to match your beach wedding dress. If not, you can wear a scarf or a pashmina, to guard against the sea breeze that quite fast. So, you will not catch a cold and still look beautiful. Do not just mimic the beach wedding dress worn by most brides. Long beach wedding dress is not always dangle or white only. Create a mature concept that reflects the personality, and prioritize comfort. Make sure you wear stockings and simple accessories. Happy Wedding!