Kim’s Wedding Dress Is Designed by an Italian Designer, Riccardo Tisci

Kim’s Wedding Dress Is Designed by an Italian Designer, Riccardo Tisci

As you know that Kim’s wedding dress is designed by Riccardo Tisci. You probably already know that the controversial celebrity couples which have been married, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (Kimye), celebrate the wedding party like a royal party theme. Kimye does not merely want to have a wedding party in the style of the royal party. Apparently, they want to emulate the style of the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The Uniqueness of Kim’s wedding dress

However, Kims wedding dress design turned out to be very far from the estimates of many people. With the rear which is designed backless, it turns out this dress actually closed in front. It manufacture with thin lacy, paneled with up onto the floor length veil and accessories (also Givenchy) for her walk onto the altar. The dress has a lace sleeves and side cutout lace, display pearl jewelry along the neck. Instead of sexy impression, Kim even further highlights the impression of elegance with this dress. The bottom of Kim’s wedding dress is designed semi mermaid makes it seem the most shining on that day. A layer of transparent lace material clearly is still featured in this wedding dress. But unlike the previous Kim’s wedding dress, it looks like Kim wants to reduce the glamor in this marriage. No many ornaments she was wearing at the time, but beautiful earrings that looked most prominent. In addition, she chose letting her hair, so it looks much more elegant than usual. Kim’s wedding dress is designed for a wonderful memory of the beautiful Kardashian. Gloved hand holding a flower and make it look more graceful when become a one day queen.

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Kim’s Wedding Dress Is Designed by an Italian Designer, Riccardo Tisci

Initially, Sarah was asked to design Kim’s wedding dress in royal theme and nuanced Paris meets Florence. Kim wanted a wedding dress with a design similar to the dress Kate Middleton. But the difference, Kim wants a sexier dress with the low-cut V neck shape is lower than Kate. She also wants to make the dress more stringent so that it can accentuate the chest and hips. Previously, Victoria Beckham refused to design Kim wedding dress. She said if she were received many orders clothes. But behind the subtle reasons, it was implied that she did not want his brand down because of her design dress worn by Kim Kardashian. Kim really wanted to wear a dress designed by Victoria Beckham for her big day, but Victoria has a high class customers from the world of showbiz, including nobles, and do not want to be dragged into the world of the reality star. He also did not really design the wedding dress.

Trending Kim’s wedding dress

Kim’s wedding dresses are now becoming a trend. There was a celebrity even create their own dress to reflect on the Kims wedding dress. Transparent cut-out detail at the waist which makes the dress is very similar. With additional belt, no doubt if this dress just different colors. The difference may be only in the neck, which is in the red dress there is an additional three-dimensional flower detail, while the white Kims wedding dress there are white pearls which are found around the neckline.