Men’s Suit: Tips for a Suitable Men Wedding Clothes

Men’s Suit: Tips for a Suitable Men Wedding Clothes

Ahead of the wedding day, the bride wedding dress should not be the one and only thing to be considered, but also the men wedding clothe. Must the men wedding clothes indifferent? In fact appropriate clothing worn by the groom or woman will make his second appearance look more complete and exciting. The groom is also obliged to look fashionable at the wedding.

Simple men wedding clothes tips

Generally, the groom will be wearing a neutral black a suit, so it will fits customized with any color of the dress worn by the bride. If at the reception you will be wearing traditional clothes which had been prepared, then at the ceremony there is nothing wrong when considering a suit to wear. In addition to black color, a men wedding clothe design with a plain color without pattern, such as dark gray, brown, green or champagne color.

The most appropriate material for the men wedding clothe is made of wool. This material will look neat and not wrinkle or shrink during wear. For men wedding clothes material which comfortable when worn, you can choose the material, combined with cotton or polyester. When the budget is limited, you can wear a coat with high twist materials (polyester) or semi wool. Although low-cost, this material remains light, no heat, and remain comfortable when worn.

Must Avoid men wedding clothes material

Avoid men wedding clothes made of linen and wool shantung because it would make you easily feel hot. A suit or men wedding clothes selection with dark color will give the impression of a handsome and elegant as well. Choose a classic formal suit to get the impression. Dark colors not just black, you can also choose the color of gray or brown. Color selection should also be tailored to the theme and color of the bride’s dress. Do not let the suit color and the color of the wedding dress mismatched when lined up above the altar.

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Of course, do not forget the innards suit of men wedding clothe. In addition to adjusting the color with the dress of the bride, you can wear a suit with a broken white or ivory color made of cotton. In the selection of a tie, other than black or gray color, you can also wear other colors because generally the men wedding clothes are black, so it matches any tie color. For overlook appearance, there is nothing wrong when you wear the vest before wearing suits. You can also add bow tie to your men wedding clothes.

Well, you can use bow tie if you have a casual wedding theme, such as garden parties, beach parties and other outdoor party. This tie will be suitable for you who have unique and funny personalities. If you use this tie, then let the bridesmaids also wearing this tie. The second is to use a skinny tie. This tie will make you become attractive and elegant. This tie is also suitable for use in formal and informal weddings. Choose a slightly shiny base material to give the impression of elegant.