5 Romantic and Classic Wedding Cupcakes Ideas

5 Romantic and Classic Wedding Cupcakes Ideas

You can pick some sweet cake as a wedding party dish. One of the cakes that you can select is cupcakes. This cake is practical, easy to eat and can be decorated according to your wishes. Originally wedding cake in a bowl is derived from cupcakes trend itself. Then, wedding planners and wedding couple also assume that the wedding cupcakes are also versatile. First, cupcakes can be made with a variety of flavors, so guests do not just feel like a general sense of the type of wedding cake. Guests can also choose their own sense of what they want. There are many cupcakes decoration ideas; also there are many colors that can be adjusted with the theme of the wedding. If you are still confused, here are 5 romantic wedding cupcakes and featuring luxury in itself.

Rose and pearl wedding cupcake is one of the romantic theme cupcake. Behind the simple display, cupcake gives a sweet side which is describing the marriage on the classical side. Pink roses and pearls make these cupcakes charming and elegant. To give a more luxurious impression, you can put the wedding cupcakes in silver containers and put them in a special place terraced cupcakes. The overall wedding cupcakes will give the simple and classic appearance and also charming.

There must be the groom and the bride in a wedding, and then just make it as the theme of wedding cupcakes. Make wedding cupcakes with a suit and wedding dress. To be more cheerful, create other cupcakes also as a ‘companion’ of the wedding couple. Choose a color that suit with your wedding party. Wedding cupcakes with this theme are definitely exciting and colorful.

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Perhaps you are unfamiliar with tiny blue flowers, but its presence in the wedding party is really special. These wedding cupcakes are ideal if you and your partner is a romantic couple. Besides of the fresh and beautiful color, this flower symbolizes the concept of marriage itself. Whatever happens, however far away the distance separating, do not forget the lover.

Add Tosca colors to the wedding cupcakes. It makes the wedding cupcake cheerful but calm. Various decorations on the top of the wedding cupcakes describe the luxury, from flowers to a tribal pattern. Certainly it is not an easy thing to make wedding cupcakes like this. Because of its varied form with the concept of the same color, you can make these wedding cupcakes also as a wedding gift. Wrap in a beautiful box container, then the cupcakes is ready to be a sweet and luxurious souvenir.

Laser cut is not just a wedding invitation trend. You can include the elements of laser cut as the wedding cupcakes container. Fine cut of the wedding cupcakes container add the elegance and luxury side. The wedding cupcakes with laser cut container looks sweeter with pink and light blue floral decoration. It is not too difficult to decorate these wedding cupcakes, just squirts the cream and gives colorful printed flowers.

In addition, using tiered wedding cupcakes are also less expensive than ordinary wedding cakes generally. Because the price is calculated according to how many pieces of wedding cupcakes are used. Wedding cupcakes are also more challenging to be used as decoration, even it can adjusted to the profile or character of the wedding couple. The advantages of wedding cupcakes than ordinary wedding cake is, ordinary wedding cake is generally made of Styrofoam. People buy an expensive wedding cake but apparently it is a fake cake. While for wedding cupcakes are all guaranteed authentic. Can be eaten on the spot, or packaged as a souvenir.

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