Tips For A Well-Ordered Wedding Reception Checklist For A Great Wedding Day

Tips For A Well-Ordered Wedding Reception Checklist For A Great Wedding Day

Make your own wedding reception checklist immediately, because the date of the wedding reception has been determined. Many days ago you already have made preparations before the wedding so the wedding reception later is flawlessly and in accordance with your expectations. Well, before moving to do everything about wedding preparations, it is better if you do the starting point to develop the wedding reception checklist. By writing a wedding reception checklist, you can add all the preparations you need to be done. That way, there would be nothing left behind or forgotten.

First wedding reception checklist begin at 6 to 8 months before the wedding reception.

  • Choose wedding reception theme and decorations that suit with your dreams.
  • Search the building, where the wedding reception is held. (add this if you planning to organize the wedding reception in a building)
  • Choose the desired design for your invitation card. You can also make an invitation with your own design.
  • Find a place that provides rent or purchase a wedding dress and its accessories.
  • Start to save your money for honeymoon.

Then make the wedding reception checklist for 4 to 5 months before the wedding reception:

  • Find a florist service that suits with your tastes and desires.
  • Prepare the accommodation for the wedding couple’s relatives and family that are from the other city.
  • Choose your most desired wedding cake, or simply make one.

Now, ahead of the big day is getting closer, there will be more wedding reception checklist that you need to create and execute. On 3 months before the wedding, make some preparations:

  • Order your wedding cake.
  • Make a fix guest list and the number of guests you invite.
  • Meet with representatives of the wedding organizer to discuss the details of wedding reception.
  • Choose a wedding gift or souvenir.
  • Give uniform fabric for a family to be made and wear at the wedding reception.
  • Write the wedding vows, if you are planning to make their own.
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In 2 months before the wedding, consider this preparation carefully:

  • Start to spread the wedding invitations.
  • Meet the wedding organizer for the final touch of the details of your wedding reception.
  • Make a schedule for makeup and hairdo trials.
  • Buy wedding gifts or souvenirs.
  • Complete documents to complete the validation requirement of the wedding.

In 1 month before the wedding, also do the wedding reception checklist with considering this preparation:

  • Meet the photographer who will document the wedding ceremony.
  • Confirm the number of bills wedding reception.
  • Confirm the reservations for your honeymoon.
  • Go to the bridal to fitting your wedding dress.

If you want to do an outdoor wedding reception, prepare good quality sound system, and add that to your wedding checklist for 6 to 8 months before the wedding is held. Maybe you need a higher sound volume, remembering in an outdoor wedding reception there will be many voices that might interfere, like the sound of the wind and the sound of little kids running around while screaming. Timing in the outdoor wedding reception is the crucial thing you need to think carefully. Not possible, you hold an outdoor wedding reception at 12 noon when the day was very hot. If you are going to do an outdoor wedding reception, choose a time when the sun begins to set. At that time, it was already not too hot and the sky is in a nice color. Whatever your choice, make sure that you prepare your wedding well with your wedding reception checklist.