5 Most Popular Ring Style

5 Most Popular Ring Style

Although there are so many very popular ring styles available to purchase in the market, when you are going to shopping for your ring, keep in mind that you must definitely love your ring style whether it is in style or not. After all you are the only one who is wearing the ring. There are lots of popular ring styles for you to choose, but occasionally the huge collection may be depressing. This article will settle it down a bit to give you a better starting point before you go to the jewelry stores.

Whether it is an essential party, a date at night or walking along on the red carpet, classic contemporary ring with simple shapes and coated in metallic silver colors is the number one popular ring style in the world. It gives a fabulously modern twist to any dresses or suits. The metals can be tempered in new and fascinating ways to give an advanced look to the classic ring design, while the asymmetrical designs are looked like modern and even so futuristic. As for precious gemstones, some contrast colors provide a beautiful support from the standard. A modern twist on the old contemporary popular ring style will change with brand new methods and materials, but the futuristic ring style will never disappoint you.

Art deco are the second most popular ring style in the world which began the trend in Paris in the late 1920s, when simpler but elegant and luxurious ring became popular. It was found on basic shapes, this popular ring style is well-known for using brightly contrast colors and designs which are influenced by ancient civilizations of Egypt. Art Deco popular ring style is using non-traditional materials like plastics, stainless steel and chrome for a surprising and magnificent effect for echoing your own personality.

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The name vintage are covering a wide range of time such as Art Nouveau, Georgian to Victorian to the Retro. Vintage ring is a popular ring style with a big number of reasons, the most usual reason are the quality and age of the rings. The age of the ring means that it would be hard to find the similar ring at any occasions. The quality is tending to be far better than what would you find this present day. Without fail, the design of this popular ring style is a huge point also for selling.

As the 4th most popular ring style, Victorian style was frequently heavily designed with gold, with some careful etchings. The Victorian age was the era of exploration and innovation, and the ring that worn during the age represents the noble class persons who would go to Greece and Italy, then returning home always with jewelry most likely rings as souvenirs. Later in the Victorian age, darker gems and metals became popular when the Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died. This popular ring style is allowing the wearer to express their mourning of a dead beloved one.

Bright, cheerful, and bold, the fifth popular ring style, Tribal, heavily accentuate flowers, feathers, and other natural designs. Leather tracing is popular in any tribal ring designs. Wooden or beautifully etched leaf rings style work to represent the nature around and make the wearer close to the nature goddess. Beading is also very famous in this tribal style. Tribal ring style is very popular with the recent eco-friendly idea, and the materials which are used are simple and economically light.

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